Is it digital?

Is it printed?

No, it's painted by hand, with a brush.


But yes, there are echoes of technology, automation and machines. However, a closer look reveals the human imperfections of an analogue process.


My medium is acrylic paint and pencil on acrylic sheet (Perspex). Often I present the paintings on, or in, natural wood frames; a foil to the man-made materials and a reminder of organic nature.


Like a human inkjet printer, I generate my colours and tones using cyan, magenta and yellow. A full spectrum of colours is made by carefully layering thin washes of paint in the necessary proportions, thereby engaging with the interactions of light, physical substances and the human eye.


I enjoy learning through making. I take an interest in light, colour, geometry and numbers, and how they relate to, or underpin, my experiences. I create a set of rules, or function, for each painting. This is activated with bingo numbers, dice, or a random number generator. The results show natural orders and arrangements of colours and tones.


The paintings have unexpected contrasts. They appear soft and hard, natural and artificial, modern and classical, simple and complex. When seen in the flesh, it's possible to see the way the acrylic sheet interacts with the ambient light, creating a beautiful balance.



Rogue Artists Studios, Project Space - 'Manifestation' exhibition 2019