32 Frames of Film - South Korea

- is a photographic collaboration proceeding from an internet entanglement; four intense weeks living and making pictures in the cities of Seoul and Busan, made an eighteen month virtual relationship real, as '32 Frames of Film' came into existence.

For eighteen months,

we were separate,

but together;

exchanging disembodied

pictures and text:


HK - thanks a lot...good night.......... J - [thumbs up]

HK - yes

HK - [cute pig holding balloons].......... J - have a lovely day

HK - yes...you too...it's a nice day too

HK - thanks...see you later

HK - my name is Hyun Kyung

HK - [small Korean girl jumping for joy].......... J - I'm John


Connected by shared symbols and words,

an attachment formed.

Online photographs of our artwork engendered trust,

and promises were given.

The time came for my nine thousand mile journey,

from Manchester to Seoul.


On arrival,

Hyun Kyung led me down into the subway.

An hour later,

emerging into the heat of night-time Yeonsinnae,

the owner of our new temporary home,

directed us through the fragrant streets.


Twenty hours, door to door;

one bedroom, one bathroom,

a small kitchen and an outside area to sit and dry clothes;


we were occupying the same intimate rooftop space,

and time zone.


Every day we walked and made pictures;

building and negotiating toward a more concrete sense of shared reality;

our film camera photographs and smartphone selfies

fusing together digital expectations with refreshed analogue selves.