A collection of photographs made with my Leica M8 rangefinder camera - 2011 to 2016

During the pandemic I've been self-isolating in Dad's attic. For company, there's my old Olympia SM9 typewriter, Beat writer Jack Kerouac's books (making up The Duluoz Legend), and Charlie Parker's music (the originator of Bebop jazz); brain training.


Dad's shielding after four weeks of radiotherapy. He's in good spirits, but misses Mum. From the attic window, I see the blossom falling and drifting away into the wind. The air pollution has gone, and the remaining herd can enjoy blue skies this summer.


Inside my copy of Big Sur it reads - "my remembrances are written on the run" [as] "seen through the eyes of poor Ti Jean" - that's Kerouac, bopping out to the rhythm of Charlie Parker fellow innovator of form, sharing the beat, riffing off life, sampling new flavours.