Doublespeak - The Ambiguous Moment

An ongoing project: For this collection I'm using film; Kodak Tmax, Ultramax, and Portra with a Leica iiig, iiif, and Hasselblad 503CW kit.

It's lovely to be with you dad; we're sat in his front room,

chatting and watching TV; companionable and light.


I didn't think we could do this anymore.

It's such a pleasant surprise...


...and I can tell you that joke about the hearing aid advert

falling on deaf ears -


"you want locking up our John" you would say...


...but why couldn't I tell you before? -

Oh! that's right, you're...




Now, laid on my back, the tears roll down

past my ears onto the pillow as I open my eyes...


...and you've gone again.